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Conditions of sale
§ 1 Relevance

This sale conditions its of application on all via Partylook sold articles. The conditions its for everyone accessible and taken up on our website.

§ 2 Prices and offers

2.1 All mentioned praise are on the site in Euro, including VAT and excluding sent –or treatments expense. These have been specified elsewhere on the site and in these conditions.

2.2 Partylook guaranties, that the indicated article price during the course time of the offer not in price raised become, subject to possible interim tax hikes, will legal measures or changes in VAT-rates.

§ 3 Product information

3.1 De offered articles become clear and truth represented and/or described on the site and/or in written offers and/or other media. They become requires described as complete as the reasonableness and own the qualities that by Partylook or the manufacturers in the offer named become. In the offer is indicated due is clear what the customer by purchase and are rights what and are obligations, when he enters/she into the offer.

3.2 Images, descriptions, concerning weights, dimensions, color, made, taken up in price currency and leaflets, count and so on though then not through Partylook only approximately and can no cause till damages and/or decomposition be.

3.3 All through or on the order of Partylook made design, remain property of Partylook and may become multiplied harmed be shown images, and so on without explicit written permission not copied or on other manner, neither at or become uses on any manner. The buyer is loved this on first request at Partylook to return on strong a fine for the benefit of Partylook of € 500 a day, before every day that the contractor with this in flaw is.

§ 4 Order and until positions come agreement

4.1 After order of the desired article receives pay you of this an e-mail affirmation with the gegevens. When you not within 24 hour an affirmation have receive request of your order we you kind contact with us on to take per email (sales@partylook.nl), or per telephone (0478-850876). For exceptions in delivery, the website please to consult. An order is not just definitive am reserved after receipts of the payments, the article. When payments do not receive is decays after 5 working days the order automatically.

4.2 Agreements come first till position after an order or repair task of Partylook on feasibility have been judged. Partylook has not to accept the straight round without statement of reasons orders or tasks.

4.3 As the customer an order most place with use of verse thing under rembours, is taken be has given up this in principle alone in treatment as the customer also/her phone number (s), no live-, msn-, hotmail address by the order. This phone number becomes the order beforehand control on correctness.

§ 5 Delivery and verse thing

§ 7 Property reservation

The property of the through Partylook furnished good goes just over, when you already, what you on ground of only agreement at Partylook due are, have satisfied. The risk to bag of the furnished good goes over on the moment on you.

§ 8 Return supply

8.1 Before an article for repair, guarantee or return supply by Partylook at to offer serves always beforehand at the return supply contact to be taken up with Partylook. This can be a email, written or a telephone.

8.2 The return supply serves prepayed sufficient to be. Possible extra expenses for insufficient postage its furrow expenses of the buyer. Sent expenses of and to the buyer are never compensated.

§ 9 Liability

§ 10 Superior Power

§ 11 Agreement explanation

The buyer/clients declared these conditions the read and self with this agreement to declare before a task till delivery/repair or otherwise to place.

§ 12 Applicable law

12.1 On these conditions and all dishes, obligations, offers, orders and agreements on which these conditions of application are, is exclusively Dutch law of application.

12.2 All disputes between parties exclusive at the for that become competent judge in the Netherlands.

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