Paint Glow makes proactive UV pigment change

UV and neon face and body paints have been the subject of some concern within the facepainting community for some time, but Paint Glow is pleased to be able to announce that it has replaced three recently unauthorised colourants; Solvent Yellow 172, CI 45161 and CI 45174, across its entire range, making all its products fully compliant to current UK and EU cosmetic regulations.

The pigments –  which can be found in any UV neon reactive make-up – had been classified as unsafe for cosmetic use by Finnish enforcement authorities and the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) in Ireland, leading to a nationwide Trading Standards notification going out to all manufacturers.

All suppliers based in Europe have been advised to stop production of any products containing these unauthorised pigments, although current stock can still be sold.

Paint Glow sent a message to all customers, pointing out that it has been working closely with local Trading Standards and other authorities over the past few months and that all new orders will include products which have been altered to fully comply with the relevant EU cosmetic regulations.

“We know these pigments have been a grey area for some time and we started talking with our local trading standards early last year to come up with a solution,” explained Paint Glow’s Kieran Prince.

“As we manufacture in the UK, it is important for us to ensure our products are fully compliant to current UK and EU cosmetic regulations and now they’ve been inspected and approved by UK and European trading standards, we can state exactly that,” he continued.

“It’s been a long process behind the scenes but we’ve always been the first movers in the market and we’re happy to continue that trend and bring face painters the solution they’ve been looking for. We’ve even been able to go one step further and completely remove any formaldehyde from the formulation which has also been a concern for some time. It’s a win-win and well worth the time invested.”

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